Young Me/yagi

Sam Shepard

He prowled the pool
Of the Holiday Inn
And felt a fit of uselessness

The sight of a pool
At midnight
In Texas

Poor Texas
Carved into
Like all the rest

San Marcos, Texas
Young Me/yagi

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Oh hi. So I kept track of all the films I watched last year. Here were my top 5 cinema discoveries of 2013:

5. Submarine
Richard Ayoade (a.k.a. Moss from the IT Crowd) made the movie I always wanted to make. And that's cool.

4. Wuthering Heights
Beautiful and brutal. Rare to find a film where every frame works as a still photograph and as a motion picture. Maybe the 4:3 format helps here. Unforgettable howling wind.

3. Starlet
The world needs more movies about friendship between two women. If not for the 15-20 seconds of actual porn, this would win all the awards.

2. Once Upon a Time in Anatolia
Follows the conversations that take place during a murder investigation, ending with a doctor's decision to omit something from the autopsy report. I will never be able to forget the end credit sequence.

1. Frances Ha
Greta Gerwig is a magical actress and Frances Ha is a magical film so hey, perfect fit. This is the one on the list I'm going to buy. If you don't know Greta Gerwig, see this. And Greenberg. And Nights and Weekends. And